Thursday, 7 November 2013

Week 4 Term 4 2013

I cannot resist starting this post with a photo of Jed!


Whilst all Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program classes are good, this week’s classes have been exceptional!

We made:

Mini Asparagus Quiches
Soup of the Season
Spinach and Ricotta Pasta
Pizza of the Imagination
Broad Bean and Potato Salad

I have been encouraging students to be involved in all stages of cooking this week, to ‘plate-up’ their food and also to bring it to the dining table. There were some excellent results.

Here you can see Patrick and Jobe safely adding their pasta to a pot of boiling water.

Here you see Jo, Regan and Jacob putting their quiches into the oven.

Plating-up and serving:
Tom – Broad Bean and Potato Salad, Litiani – Pizza, Jo and Josie – Quiches, Ellen and Jobe - Pasta

The asparagus quiches were prepared really well, with lots of involvement by each class:
Jacob, Josie and Bella – special mention must be made of Josie who created some delicious pies using the leftover pastry!
Jack and Michael  - excellent participation
Regan and Jo - both boys completed all stages of preparation and cooking - Jo plated up and served too.


Regan and Jo completed every stage of the cooking process


Shannon cooked a delicious spinach and ricotta sauce for our pasta on Wednesday – all that he required was for Tracey to sign the instructions once and he did the rest!

There was some excellent work done make the pasta, using both the manual and the electric machines. Ellen did a great job with little supervision; Jobe completed all of the rolling out of the pasta sheets using our electric machine – he was fascinated by the wireless switch that operated the machine, very quickly working out how to use it.
Sam opted for the manual machine and cut all the fettuccine from the sheets that Jobe had made.

Laura, Litiani and Aidan made a great team making pizza – they chose yellow capsicum, garlic, beetroot, red onion, eggplant and mozzarella for their ‘Pizza of the Imagination’.

We have been using our wireless switch in most classes this week – Amelia, Frank, Daniel and Jobe found it very useful for operating the blender for soup, the whisk for the eggs in the quiches and the pasta machine.

It was good to have Jamie back with us in the kitchen – she did an excellent job shelling broad beans and also ate one or two!

William too enjoyed eating some broad beans!


Sitting at the table, enjoying the company of our students and the fabulous food that they have prepared is a pretty good way of earning a living!


We had mixed weather in the garden, but when it wasn’t raining we saw:
Great work by Mitchell who helped clear out some snow peas that were past their best

Excellent harvesting from Jason and from Thomaz

Really good mulching of our strawberries by Thomas

Great planting of seedlings by Brandon and Jed

We were all very impressed to see Michael visit the chicken house!

I have to include a few chook photos of course!


And last, but certainly not least, a few more photos from the kitchen.

I really like this photo - great interaction!

Ellie and Darcy measuring milk

Tom mixing the coleslaw last week

These dicers are great!

Jordan poured independently

Great participation by Steven

Alexander preparing soup

Cameron peeling carrots

Jackson using the food processor with Kelera - great work!

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