Thursday, 31 October 2013

Week 3 Term 4 2013

This was our third week of:

Soup of the Season
Salami and Leafy Green Pizza
Pasta with a Herb and Tomato Sauce
Mini Frittatas

Leek and Potato Soup with a Nasturtium Leaf and Flower Garnish
- created by Ryan and Frank

Only two classes out of eleven actually prepared these items three times; public holidays and cancellations resulted in most classes repeating once at the most.

This week I am only reporting on the classes that I taught – yellow, green, Timsbury green, white, pink and purple – apologies to Monday and Friday’s groups, but I have no photos or information about them.

Once again some excellent participation.

The inclusion of eggs in our menu provides lots of great opportunities for cracking, whisking and peeling. Thomaz was virtually independent in cracking and whisking this week. It was also good to see Libby involved in whisking using a wireless switch.


Coleslaw was quite different each day, depending on the type of cabbage used – Chinese (a donation) and red and green from our garden. Josie and Jo did a great job mixing, Patrick enjoyed using the food processor for grating and Steven did an excellent job chopping with a knife.

We were given red, yellow and green capsicums this week – a great inclusion in our frittatas.


Our broad beans are ready for harvesting – we used some in soups this week and will use them for broad bean and potato salad next week. Aaron was introduced to the skill of shelling beans this week.

I was very impressed with both Liam and Dylan in the garden this week – both did some excellent seedling planting. Liam planted borage and parsley. Dylan planted parsley. Well done to both boys!


Whilst on the subject of seedlings – thanks to Jack G’s mum who gave us corn and pumpkin seedlings this week – much appreciated. We will be planting them next week. And thanks too to Daniel’s mum who gave us some beautiful kale.

Cameron has been making grissini as an extra item for us each week. Cam makes these in the classroom and them brings them to our dining table. A popular addition to our Wednesday menu.


Pasta making was very good this week. Cam W did a fantastic job on Wednesday with the manual pasta machine, spending about 20 minutes cutting all our fettuccine. He did such a good job and was rewarded by being allowed to eat the raw pasta during the process! I cannot quite get to grips with the idea of eating pasta raw, but several of our students seem to love it!


Josie and Laura made a good team with pasta making on Thursday. Josie used the electric pasta machine to roll out the sheets. Once rolled, Laura used the manual machine to cut the fettuccine while Josie collected it, separated it and sprinkled it with flour. Josie also used the manual machine. It works well to use both machines – the electric speeds up the process and also allows for more independence as you can use two hands to feed the pasta sheets in – the manual machine is great for participation in many ways with having to turn the handle, but it is more difficult to feed pasta sheets into as you have to turn the handle with one hand whilst holding the pasta with another.

While the girls made the pasta, Aidan made a delicious tomato sauce. We were given some eggplants this week and so he included them in our tomato sauce.

Lovely work from green class this week – especially with mulching, squeezing lemons and chickens – well done Jobe and Jason.


Jo continued to be most helpful with filling jugs with water, lemon and ice – no need to even ask him to do this job!


At this time of the year the scents from our vegetables are really enticing – broad bean flowers, chives, fennel, mint ……….. William loved smelling the chives in particular.


Special mention must be made of our Thursday soup group – Frank, Ryan and Amy. Soup continues to be a really popular inclusion in our menu and this week has been no exception. We were given some leeks this week so Thursdays group decided to make a leek and potato soup. Great teamwork was displayed – at one point I saw Amy and Ryan operating the stick blender while Frank controlled it using a wireless switch – Frank had a great time switching the blender on and off, not always when Amy and Ryan were expecting it. Great fun! And they decided to garnish the soup with nasturtium flowers and leaves – amazing!


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