Sunday, 25 May 2014

Week 3 Term 2 2014

We started a new menu this week:
Italian Vegetable Stew
Pear and Cheese filled Ravioli with a Herb Butter Sauce
Potato Salad
Pumpkin Soup
We are beginning to get quite good a ravioli again!! It does take a bit of practice but is a really worthwhile activity as it does involve lots of maths work. Students have to share the filling out so that there is enough for all ravioli and then place it in position on the pasta sheets – some great opportunities for patterning work and also early division. And the bonus is that it tastes great too!!
  • Jayden made the ravioli on Wednesday. It was a pleasure to watch him work with his teacher Colleen to make the dough. Jayden operated a remote wireless switch to activate the food processor. It was great to watch him and to listen to Colleen describing everything that he could not see and providing him with sensory experience opportunities:
  • ·        listening to the change in sound when the egg is added to the flour
  • ·        feeling the dough before and after mixing with egg
  • ·        cracking eggs and feeling their texture
  • ·        participating in the washing up and feeling what was on the used items to be washed

And on Thursday Purple Class did a wonderful job with the ravioli too – well done to Ryan, Jamie and Libby!

Shelby and Aimee participated really well in making the grissini on Wednesday and Stephen B and Thomas B also was a terrific helpwith this dish on Thursday – a good recipe that incorporates rolling and shaping activities.

Potato Salad makers Aidan and Litiani were excellent as usual, as was Zach on Thursday.

I was very impressed with Tomas who helped with the Italian Vegetable Stew as well as making the soup. On Thursday we were very tempted to re-name this dish ‘The Boys Stew’ – fantastic teamwork from Christopher, Tom D and Harvey!

Jacob too was a good soup maker – excellent chopping. And I think he drank at least 3 cups of the delicious pumpkin soup. And Bella also did a good job with this recipe, harvesting a beautiful pumpkin from our garden.

I am told that students in Green and Yellow class had their best ever cooking day last Friday (12 May). Well done everyone!

In the garden William did a wonderful job saving runner bean seeds. He had to remove the seeds from the pods and then place them into a storage bag. We should get a good crop from them.

It was great to have volunteers back in full this week – it makes a huge difference. Many thanks to Marilyn, Jacqui, Linda, Lisa, Mel and Sophie and to our latest recruit Frances and Sally. And thanks of course to our weekend chicken minders Laurie and Shaani.

And as usual we will finish with some photos of students and staff enjoying their food.

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