Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Our first cooking week for 2014


At last the program has started again!

We made:

Mini Frittatas
Honeyed Carrots
Pizza of the Imagination
Pasta with a Herb and Tomato Sauce
Potato Salad

Lots of old favourites and all allowing us to use plenty of the fabulous produce that is currently available in our garden.
The students were able to access our lovely garden classroom at last – it is complete except for the deck which will be added shortly.

We had lots of students participate in the program for the first time this week - sadly I cannot publish the wonderful photos that we got of many of them as I do not yet have publicity permission information. Hopefully this will be received by next week.


Josie had us all laughing when she made very imaginative uses of the tomatoes that she harvested!!




Litiani and Matt ate more than they harvested!


Tom did a great job harvesting parsley.
And Thomaz harvested tomatoes, enormous beetroots and then found time to do some raking!!

Darcy re-discovered his love of wheelbarrows!


Everyone quickly got back into the swing of things in the kitchen and produced excellent dishes.

Very safe work putting the mini frittatas into the oven

Aidan checked out the harvest table

Enjoying lunch

Jayden chopped the potatoes for the salad

Litiani made pizza

Frank grated the cheese and the pizza toppings using a wireless switch to operate the blender

Julie and Colleen had a great time!!

This could be the photo of the year - Jacob made all of this pasta!!

Bella did a great job making pizza

And she thoroughly enjoyed eating everything that was cooked

mini frittatas

pizza of the imagination - the fresh beetroot was my favourite

Darcy showed that he was great at rolling out the pizza independently

Thomaz set the table

We continued to encourage our students to serve the food that they prepared


I was delighted to have some volunteers this week - Jayden’s mum, Lisa helped on Wednesday and Ellen’s mum, Jacqui and her friend, helped on Tuesday. Having enough adults present to set up and also to assist with food preparation and eating is essential for the success of the program. Now that I do not have a teacher assistant working with me I really cannot operate without some volunteers. Thanks so much Jacqui and friend (sorry I didn’t note her name) and Lisa. And many thanks also to our anonymous donor of a wonderful food dehydrator - our students will be able to use it to preserve all the surplus produce that we are now harvesting. 

If you would like to assist with the program I would love to hear from you – email me – or telephone the school. Setting up workstations with food and ingredients takes about 2 hours and needs to be complete by 10.30; assisting with food preparation and eating is between about 11.00 and 12.30; and finally washing up takes about 2 hours after 12.30. Assistance with any or all of these sessions would be much appreciated, especially on Thursday and Friday when we have no-one yet.

Finally, well done Tracey Bailey who has just completed her first day running the program. Tracey is running the program on Fridays with Orange and Green Classes. I have just heard from her that the day went really well – I am looking forward to seeing the photos and will publish them as soon as I can.


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