Thursday, 15 August 2013

Week 4 Term 3 2013

This week we cooked:

Pizza with Red Onions, Cheese and Rosemary
Seasonal Soup
Pasta Carbonara
Roasted Winter Vegetables
Thai Carrot Salad

The pizzas are so much better now that we are making them with fewer ingredients and are being very careful not to put too many watery vegetables on them.

Soups have continued to be varied and delicious – especially good was Thursday's one which consisted of a lot of Brussels sprouts, peas and mint.

Everyone loved the carbonara.
In the garden I witnessed some excellent independent work being done by Jacob and Ellen who did a fantastic job removing all the old rocket and mizuna plants from two raised beds. Laura too joined in this activity and was a great help.


We are continuing to plant seeds in the hothouse so that we will be ready with seedlings in Spring. Jack was of great assistance with  this on Tuesday.

And of course the chickens are continuing to draw the crowds!


Equipment – we seem to have reached a time in the program where our equipment is getting a little ‘tired’. Earlier this term our breadmaker disintegrated; I was very impressed with ‘The Good Guys’ in Moonah who replaced the machine without hesitation. The machine was just over a year old, but fortunately Aidan’s mum (who donated the machine) had the foresight to take out an extended warranty for us – something we should think about with all our equipment I now realise. Our pasta machine broke earlier this year – it came with a five-year warranty so once again we were able to get it replaced (Peter's of Kensington this time). And this week our food processor broke – we were very pleased with the service provided by KMart at Eastlands who replaced the machine immediately. It is pleasing to find that good service still exists!

No kitchen photos this week? I have been puzzling about that!! Just a little too hectic for me to take photos for some reason! Will have to concentrate more next week!!

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