Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Opening of our Chicken House

This week we made:


Pumpkin Ravioli with Herb Sauce

Grain Mustard and Herb Rolls

Cream of Vegetable Soup

Roasted Winter Vegetables

Waldorf salad


Our pasta machine has continued to cause us some problems so sadly we have had to send it back for repair or replacement this week. Our warranty is for 5 years so, unless the repairers think that we have damaged it rather than it being faulty, we should get a replacement. In the meantime Kasey’s mum Pauline has very kindly offered to loan us hers. But despite our machinery problems, we still managed to make ravioli that was delicious and that is what matters.



This week was one of our better menus I think (not that any are not good). The rolls are a really good recipe; the soup varied each day but was always really tasty; the roasted winter vegetables were so popular we will repeat them next week; and the Waldorf salad was really yummy too. Our students are beginning to really enjoy having a mug of soup – the mugs are so much better than having the soup in a bowl!



Great news this week when we ‘candled’ the eggs that we are incubating we found that of the 23 eggs we have about 15 that appear to be developing. So all looks set for hatching on the 4th June!!


We had the official opening of our chicken house this week. Rotary of Bellerive have built us an absolute palace of a chicken house and yesterday we were given the opportunity to thank them. About 60 people attended the opening, students, sponsors and family members. As we do not have any chooks yet we ‘borrowed’ some from Craig. The students were absolutely thrilled to go into the chook house and mingle with the chooks – it was a truly special occasion to witness their delight. It is going to be great to have chooks of our own very soon. As I said at the opening, when we joined the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program we could easily have opted to run a ‘watered down’ version of the program, but we decided to go with the format suggested by the Foundation and it has been a great success. The light, airy and roomy design of the chicken house will enable us to continue with this ‘full on’ approach. It was quite clear yesterday that the chicken house is accessible to all of our students and that they were very comfortable moving around inside the chicken house and the exterior chicken run. The morning tea was organised by Pink Class and Purple Class who did a fantastic job.


While in Melbourne last week I  re-visited Ascot Vale Special School, another very enthusiastic Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program school. I spent time with their SAKGP Coordinator and the Curriculum Officer for the Foundation, sharing what we are currently doing and making some plans for future collaborative work. I was also privileged to participate in their kitchen class and work with their students. A great learning experience for me.
Next week we are cooking:
Potato and Garlic Ravioli with Tomato Sauce
Grain Mustard and Herb Rolls
Pumpkin Soup
Roasted Winter Vegetables
 And finally a few more photos:


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