Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ravioli Adventure

We returned to school to find that our seedlings had all thrived during the holidays and that lots of our seeds have germinated too. We are trying to label all our plants with symbols based identifiers.

Red Cabbage Seedlings

Broccoli Seedlings

Cauliflower Seedlings

 In most of these photos it is possible to see spring onion seedlings that have just germinated. We have sown these in most of our beds as a companion plant. The onions should keep a lot of pests away - and will be great for salads too of course! In the photo above we can see the coriander and Kale seedlings that have recently germinated and also lots of spring onions.
 A major focus this week has been on emptying the apple crates in our 'old garden'. Three of these crates will be used in the new garden and one will house our baby chickens. We had hoped to start incubating some eggs this week, but have not been successful in locating any - wrong time of year. We think we should get some next week and so if all goes to plan we will have some baby chicks in about 4 weeks' time. The chicks will live in an apple crate (with a heater) in the shed for several weeks, they will probably move into their 'palace' at the start of Term 3.


Frank was a great help emptying the apple crate

Jobe emptied soil into the wheelbarrow

This week we made:

Salad of the Imagination

Wholemeal Rolls

Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta in a Tomato and Herb Sauce

Potato Wedges

Curried Apple and Carrot Soup

 We were given beetroots and mandarins this week and so the Salad of the Imagination became a became a delicious beetroot, orange and mizuna salad on two occasions. We were also given limes and carrots and so on another day the salad became a Thai carrot salad.



We used our pasta machine to make ravioli for the first time this week. It was quite a challenge and seemed to require many hands!! Great fun – Jo in particular was fascinated by the process – and pretty successful.

We are including soup in our menus for the next five week. This year we are serving the soup in mugs.
As usual we saw lots of excellent teamwork in our class groups and some great skills. Well in particular to Jacob for cutting the potato wedges so carefully and to Josie and Nick for being very save when frying the wedges.

 We continue to be very pleased with our chopping machine – Amelia found it very useful when chopping onions and carrots for the soup.
 Next week we will be cooking:
Cream of Vegetable Soup
Massaman Vegetable Curry
Ravioli filled with Pear and Cheese and served with a Herb Butter Sauce
Salad of the Imagination
And finally one or two more photos:
Thomaz preparing the bread dough

Rochelle was pleased with the dough that made in our breadmaker

Jason checked out what jobs he had to do in the garden

Aaron did a really good job stirring the vegetables for the soup

Steven helped to peel and core the apples for the soup

Regan and Terry chopped apples for the soup too

Regan also helped make the bread rolls



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