Thursday, 15 March 2012

Kitchen and Garden Classes Start

Pink and Green Classes and Blue and White Classes participated in kitchen and garden classes this week (menu in previous post). We started each session in the garden. First of all we completed our weather board, recording the temperature, the minimum overnight temperature, the rainfall, soil temperature and then added some visuals of what we thought the weather was like (sunny, cloudy, windy, etc.)
The next activity was to look at each groups jobs for the morning - each involved harvesting for the kitchen class and carrying out a gardening job. Eveyone was very excited to learn that we now have a worm farm too!

Pink and Green Classes Thinking about the Weather

Our Weather Board

Ellen enjoyed harvesting a pumpkin

The corn will be ready soon

Regan helped to cover the chopped green manure crop with soil

Hugo and Sabrina harvested pumpkins
Lettuces, cauliflower and peas doing well

Our kitchen class started after morning tea. Students divided into five groups, each preparing a different item from the menu of pizza, pasta, leafy salad, bean salad and stuffed pumpkin(see previous post for details of the menu).

Steven chopping capsicum

Jo and Tiffany Chopping Parsley

Steven and Penny learned how to make pasta

Hugo and Wendy made Pumpkin stuffed with Spicy Rice

Next we set the table - Litiani was a great help.

And then it was time to eat. It was great to see everyone sitting together and enjoying the food that we had harvested and prepared.

Hugo enjoyed the pasta

Shannon served Gayle with pasta

Patrick enjoyed his lunch!

Next week we will be cooking:

Tomatoes stuffed with spicy rice
Pasta with zucchini and garlic
Pizza of the imagination
Leafy Salad
Silver beet in olive oil with chickpeas and currents

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