Thursday, 21 March 2013

Apple and Cinnamon Pizza!!!

In recent weeks when students have been asked to select what they want to put on their pizzas they have been selecting apples so.........................Apple and Cinnamon Pizza!!!

Everyone loved the pizza – the apple topping was based on the apple and cinnamon recipe that we have used in the past. And of course it provided us with the chance to use yet another machine – the apple slicer is a great tool.

Our menu this week was:


Pasta with Herb Sauce

Apple Pizza

Vegetable stir-fry

Salad Nicoise           

Chinese Rice


We were able to use lots of seasonal vegetables and the recently harvested Golden Delicious apples from the Huon Valley were as tasty as their name implies. And we were very pleased to receive a gift of a dozen eggs from Jack Green this week – very much appreciated!


We harvested corn for our salad and have just about enough to provide for all 5 of our cooking sessions. Next year in our big garden we should be able to produce lots of this very popular vegetable.

Sadly our last two giant pumpkins were destroyed last weekend. We were able to weigh what was left of them so are still able to enter the Tasmanian Schools Giant Pumpkin Competition. Also we were able to save the seeds from the pumpkins so that we will have plenty to grow next year. I think we might send seeds home with students so that they can grow the pumpkins at home – a safer option!

We purchased a Super Slicer this week – it seems to work very well – better for student independent use than our mandolins.

I has been good to have Tracey our speech therapist visit us for several sessions recently. This week she worked with Jason – in these photos Jason is learning the symbol and the sign for ‘help’.

One thousand new worms joined our garden this week! We settled them in to their new home (the worm farm) on Tuesday, giving them some moist shredded paper and some straw and giving them their first feed on Thursday.


The next four weeks are very broken up with holidays and professional learning days so we are going to run menus for two week blocks. For the next two weeks we will be cooking:

Pasta with Carrot and Cumin

Arroz Verde (green rice)

Pumpkin Pizza

Thai Carrot Salad

Fried Green Tomatoes with Yoghurt
And finally a few more photos:




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