Thursday, 21 February 2013

Eleven Classes Participating in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

We finally had a week without any public holidays so classes ran every day of the week. The program is now accessed by eleven classes ranging from Kinder to Year 12!
We welcomed our very young students to the program on Monday and were delighted to see lots of smiling faces and enthusiastic eaters.

Our menu this week was:
Mini frittatas
Honey carrots
Potato salad
Pizza of the Imagination
Pasta with a Herb and Tomato Sauce

And how pleased we were to be given potatoes and tomatoes from Tom’s garden on Wednesday – perfect for our pasta sauce and our potato salad – and then green beans and zucchinis from Daniel’s garden – a perfect addition to our pizza and mini frittatas!


Many of our recipes required students to chop, peel and whisk this week.

As usual, our students worked in teams of two or three – the collaboration shown by Jacob, Josie and Bella and by Brandon and Thomaz was particularly impressive this week.

Bella, Jacob and Josie's teamwork produced delicious frittatas!

Thomas and Brandon combined to produce wonderful pizza!

Here is a selection of general cooking photos taken this week:

In the garden we have been harvesting zucchinis, peas, silverbeet, spring onions, chives, parsley, mint, basil, rosemary and potatoes.

Students really enjoyed harvesting the potatoes – we grew them in very large tubs. To harvest them Pauline tipped them into a wheelbarrow and the students then searched through the soil for them – it was a bit like searching for buried treasure. The potatoes were delicious!

We hadn’t really expected to harvest any fruit from our orchard this year, but Shannon did manage to find a peach.

Our giant pumpkins are continuing to grow!

We finally found some time to bring our scarecrows back to life! They could still do with some new clothes, but at least they are looking presentable now!

We are also beginning to get our compost heap back in order – thank you Ellen for working so hard on it.

The weather has been quite strange this week – very hot, very dry, quite cold and very wet!

On our wet, cold day we did some work on our mosaic table – soon we will be grouting it, ready to move to our new garden.

Next week we are cooking:

Curried Eggs
Silverbeet in Olive Oil with Chick Peas and Currants
Pizza of the Imagination

And what better way is there to finish than to include a few smiling faces?

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