Monday, 10 December 2012

A Christmas Theme

Almost all of our gardening photos show our students watering this week! It certainly has been a priority activity for us with the weather being so warm. We have also completed some work on our compost heap and harvested radishes, salad greens, coriander, parsley, mint and spring onions.

Litiani watering our "Three Sisters Vegetable Bed" (corn, beans and pumpkin)

Darcy enjoyed watering the garden and anyone else that he could catch!

Our Three Sisters - Corn, Pumpkin and Beans

Cameron did a really good job watering the parsely

Jobe watering our leeks

Watering the leeks, coriander and rocket

Our approach of asking each cooking group to choose their own recipes this week has been very successful. It has been an interesting exercise for us to pass the responsibility for choosing the recipes over to others - a little scary at times!! Some staff gave us lists of ingredients, but wouldn't tell us what they wre making!  As the saying goes, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" and we can say without any hesitation that everything tasted delicious!. We have cooked some really tasty foods this week and some of the recipes given to us will definitely be published in our next recipe book. 

The official menu was:
Victorious Vegetables
Perfect Pizza
Pleasing Pasta
Ripper Rice
Super Salad
Interpretations of these dishes have included 'Quinoa, Pumpkin and Currant Salad', 'Christmas Tree Pizza', 'Roasted Carrot, Beetroot and Mint Salad' and 'Curried Banana Salad'. We think we might make this approach a regular end of term activity. It is certainly a good way to collect recipes!

Christmas Tree Pizza

Jackson made a great Christmas Tree Pizza

Very careful carrying to the oven

Jack chose all the ingredients for his salad

Jack 'hopped on' to Tomoko's hand to help with cutting the carrots

"Yes this carrot will be good in my salad"

Great Salad Jack

Ellen was very pleased with this Christmas Salad

Christmas Salad

Josh added pepper to the Christmas vegetable pasta sauce

This was our last week of kitchen and garden classes for the year, next week we will be cleaning, planning and planting.  However I plan to complete a reflection about what we have done this year and will be posting it to the blog in the near future.

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