Thursday, 19 April 2012

We started this week with our first wet gardening day. Some of our students stayed in class and started to work on their kitchen and garden journals; others started to make a mosaic table. We have an old table in our shed and plan to decorate it with mosaic tiles.
The weather brightened by Monday afternoon and Red and Orange Classes were able to come down to the garden. Everyone was very excited to see how much our plants have grown over the Easter break. Jed was especially pleased to discover that the corn has ripened!

We harvested a wide variety of vegetables for cooking this week:
  • green tomatoes
  • cabbage
  • basil
  • tomatoes
  • capsicum
  • corn
  • parsley
As well as harvesting we did the following:
  • planting carrot seeds
  • weeding
  • removing dead plants
  • composting
  • paper shredding (for the compost)
  • watering
  • feeding the worms in our worm farm

Nick harvests a cabbage for coleslaw

Jackson harvested a cabbage for coleslaw

Regan harvested green tomatoes

And a third cabbage was harvested by Nick for coleslaw

Billy shredded paper for our compost heap

Jo and Billy (that's Billy behind the paper!!) put the shredded paper onto the compost heap

Shannon discovered that the sweet corn has ripened

Litiani inspected the harvest table

Patrick enjoyed using the food processor to shred vegetables for the coleslaw

Litiani making coleslaw


Liam whisked eggs for frittata


Stevan made ravioli

Darcy made mini frittatas and carried them very carefully to the oven

Rochelle made mini frittatas

Ryan cooked fried green tomatoes

Ryan enjoyed his fried green tomatoes!

Hugo cracked eggs for frittata

Rochelle cracked eggs for frittata

Our menu this week was:
Fried Green Tomatoes with Yoghurt
Pizza Scrolls
Mini Frittatas
Pumpkin Ravioli

 As usual everyone enjoyed most of the food. Green tomatoes were a 'first' for just about all of us and we were pleasantly surprised by their delicious taste. The filling for the ravioli was particularly tasty - we think we might use the same recipe for a dip later on.
This was our first week of making ravioli - a bit tricky, but successful!

Next week we will be cooking:

Sweetcorn and artichoke fritters with crisp sage leaves and herb yoghurt
Pizza Scrolls
Mini Vegetable Frittatas
Salad of the Imagination
Ravioli with spinach and ricotta filling

Like the green tomatoes, I think the Jerusalem artichokes will be a first for many of us - Sally kindly donated them to us. Our salad will be a little different next week too - students will be provided with a range of ingredients and will select what they would like to use.

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